Makeup sponges are essential for creating a perfect base.


Do you wet a beauty blender with warm or cold water?

The truth is, you can do either, so it’s up to you. But, a great hack it to use cool water in the summer to refresh and invigorate skin, and warm water in the winter as this helps to melt products beautifully into skin and make it more malleable.

According to the makers of the much-loved sponge, you should be cleaning it after every single use.

1. Wet: Wet the beauty blender with water.
2. Squeeze: Squeeze out the excess liquid, using a towel if available.
3. Bounce: Foundation, powder or any other complexion product across the face for flawless results.
4. Cleanse: After each use to help maintain the integrity of the blender’s exclusive material replace.

We recommend replacing your beauty blender every three months.

*you really need to be cleaning your sponge daily

Using gentle bar soap, laundry soap, or beautyblender’s cleansing solid is what our pros recommend for best results.

This is how to use a cleansing solid for the most thorough clean:

Thoroughly wet your sponge and rub it against the bar soap, taking care to work on stained portions.
Squeeze the sponge out under running water until water runs clear and sponge is no longer sudsy when squeezed. Repeat step one if stains remain.
Roll sponge out on a dry towel and let air dry.

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