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    Makeup sponges are essential for creating a perfect base.  

    Do you wet a beauty blender with warm or cold water?

    The truth is, you can do either, so it's up to you. But, a great hack it to use cool water in the summer to refresh and invigorate skin, and warm water in the winter as this helps to melt products beautifully into skin and make it more malleable. According to the makers of the much-loved sponge, you should be cleaning it after every single use. 1. Wet: Wet the beauty blender with water. 2. Squeeze: Squeeze out the excess liquid, using a towel if available. 3. Bounce: Foundation, powder or any other complexion product across the face for flawless results. 4. Cleanse: After each use to help maintain the integrity of the blender's exclusive material replace. We recommend replacing your beauty blender every three months. *you really need to be cleaning your sponge daily Using gentle bar soap, laundry soap, or beautyblender's cleansing solid is what our pros recommend for best results. This is how to use a cleansing solid for the most thorough clean: Thoroughly wet your sponge and rub it against the bar soap, taking care to work on stained portions. Squeeze the sponge out under running water until water runs clear and sponge is no longer sudsy when squeezed. Repeat step one if stains remain. Roll sponge out on a dry towel and let air dry.

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    The Seem Non-Latex Lash Adhesive in BLACK is a latex-free glue that's safe to use with false lashes and all body decorations. Long-wearing and comfortable, the adhesive dries clear for a natural-looking, discreet finish, and holds lashes, glitter and cosmetic accessories in place for hours. Latex free.

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    Eyelashes are one of our short style lashes and are slightly graduated toward the outer corners, creating a eye-cat effect with a darker lash look that is flattering for all eye shapes and sizes. The invisible band makes these lashes super comfy to wear, easy to apply and perfect for brides. One of our shortest style lash Graduated Vegan Cruelty-free

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    Lightweight and voluminous, the Paris Mink Lash instantly adds incredible length to enhance and define your eyes. With an expertly layered design, these lashes create the ultimate fluttery finish and will complement any eye look. Handmade with 100% mink hair, the delicately curled lashes add volume, definition and length to channel you inner Hollywood glamour. You can wear them several times , at least 20 wears.

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    A pair of glamourous false lashes. Light and fluffy Handmade with 100% mink hair, the delicately curled lashes add volume, definition and length to channel you inner Hollywood glamour. You can wear them several times , at least 20 wears.

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    Ring Light kit with stand, Camera Photo Video 12 Outer 45W LED Ring Light kit with stand and bag Descriptions: 1. Portable design: modern compact design, come with handbags, light and easy to carry and set up 2. Compatible with iPhone6 plus/6/5/5S, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge/S6/S5, and other smart phones, and all cameras. 3. The shell of ring light is made of high-quality ABS plastic material, with strong impact resistance, heat resistance, flexibility and leakage protection and other professional performance, it can better protect built-in lamp beads, to extend the service life 4. Its solid locking capabilities ensure the safety of your lighting equipment when in use. 5. Extra long cord and heavy duty thumb screws. 6. It runs cool for use close to subjects, providing a soft directional light. 7. The surrounding style of the light makes it great for unique lighting effects, macro and tight spaces, web broadcasts, and its signature catch lights. The bulb is color correct for perfect skin tones. For specialty lighting, nothing beats it. Specification: LEDs: 180pcs Light Source: Fluorescent Power : 100-240V,50/60Hz Output: 45W (equivalent to 440W on an incandescent one) Outer diameter: 14''ins / 36cm Inner diameter: 12''ins / 30cm Luminous: Max. 4800lx@1m; Min. 480lx@1m Dimmer: 10%~100% Color Temperature: 5500K(±300K) CRI: >90 Package includes: 1* 12'' LED Ring Light 1* 79" Light Stand 2* Filter (Transparent & Orange) 1*Smartphone Holder 1* Bluetooth Self-timer for Smartphone 1* Power adapter with UK plug 1* Portable Black Bag

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    The indispensable brush set is ideal for both personal and professional use. Aluminum wear handles offer the luxury you need. It contains all the pensions necessary to carry out a make-up: Vip 1-Brush for combing eyebrows and eyelashes made of synthetic hair Vip 2-Brush for applying eyeliner made of very fine synthetic hair Vip 3-Brush blending makeup upper / lower eyelid made of pony hair Vip 4-Brush applying eyeshadow lower eyelid made of pony hair Vip 5-Brush for applying upper eyelid blush made of pony hair Vip 6- Lipstick application brush made of very fine synthetic hair Vip 7-Eyebrow & eyeliner brush made of very fine synthetic hair Vip 8-Flat brush for applying eye primer / concealer / small areas of the face made of very fine synthetic hair Vip 9- Makeup blending brush made of goat hair Vip 10-Round brush for applying eye primer / concealer / small areas of the face made of very fine synthetic hair Vip 11-Cheek contouring brush made of goat hair Vip 12-Brush for uniform application of foundation and for face correction made of very fine synthetic hair Vip 13- Brush for applying powder made of goat hair **** Borseta Guesthouse 13

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    Easy to Use – Plug and play with the included 5V adaptor. Perfect Size – Frame size is 40cm*50cm, the glass size is 48.9cm*38.9cm.It is perfect size for makeup, grooming or dressing. Two types of Using:

    1. Put the makeup mirror on table
    2. Hang the mirror on the wall
    Smart Touch Control Design – Simply turn on/off the light and switch warm light and daylight by touching the sensors. Long press to adjust the brightness, which even more energy saving. 15 High Quality Hollywood Style Replaceable LED Light Bulbs – It is replaceable design, therefore you could replace the led bulbs anytime. LED bulbs provides enough brightness to makeup in dark.

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    Photo Background Photo Backdrop, White/Black, 2 x 2.4 m, 100% Cotton Matte Finish For the photographer who does on-the-fly head shots, this background can be a lifesaver. The spring-steel frame pops open and can stand on its own when propped up against a wall or be attached to the optional. This background can be taken anywhere to rapidly shoot multiple subjects. For example, in a corporate office where various employees need head shots for a brochure. Please note colours depicted may vary slightly, due to differences in computer monitors, printed media, and variances in manufacturer's dyes or paints.

    • Specially designed 100% cotton matte finish to avoid glare
    • Touch fasteners along the edge for hanging | Can easily be placed against a wall
    • Spot washable
    • Use horizontally or vertically
    • Snaps open and folds down with minimal effort | Collapses to 1/3 of its open size